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AON Hewitt recently released this research statistics:

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People often use the terms “employee engagement” and “employee satisfaction” interchangeably, as synonyms. Although these terms have much in common there are significant and important differences between employee engagement and employee satisfaction that need to be understood as these affect the future success of your organization. So, what are these differences?

What Is Employee Satisfaction?

Employee satisfaction is used to describe employees who are happy and content in their jobs and can fulfill their desires and needs at work. It is generally believed that employee satisfaction is a contributing factor to employee motivations, goal achievement and, in general, good morale in the workplace.

While an employee w...

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Recently we wrote a blog post about how leadership can impact motivation, discretionary effort, innovation and new efficiencies, inspiration, commitment to growth and improvement, employee turnover…. (

What does organizational culture mean and why is it important to your company. Let’s first look at a few definitions:

Wikipedia: “…..organizational culture represents the collective values, beliefs and principles of organizational members and is a product of such factors as history, product, market, technology, and strategy, type of employees, management style, and national culture. Culture includes the organization’s vision, values, norms, systems, symbols, language, assumptions, beliefs, and habits…..”

John McLaughlin:”…. Organizational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which governs how people behave in organizations. These shared values have a strong inf...

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Are the costs for your group benefit programs increasing? Are you facing any challenges with absenteeism? Have you experienced any issues with mental health or stress in the workplace? Undoubtedly you recognize that all of these issues can have a significant impact on your bottom line profit. Company health and wellness programs can address and improve all of these issues and more. Documented studies clearly indicate that attractive return on investments (ROI’s) can be achieved and realized.

If you need to control costs associated with employee health and feel health and wellness would be a good fit for your organization you may want to move forward with a company program or improve an existing program. However, you may be like man...

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A recent Gallup poll found that more than 70 percent of employees are passively or actively disengaged from their work. While this is an American number, in Canada is not that much better. Estimates put employee disengagement in Canada around the 65 percent, however the number of passively disengaged is larger than in the US. Regardless, this is a real issue that is affecting the economy and businesses. Leaders have to do a better job of creating employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Leaders in an organization set the tone for job satisfaction and the way they relate the company’s vision and motivate employees has a much greater impact in engagement than salaries and benefits. In fact, some of the employees with the best benefi...

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1. “As the ranks of the youngest generation swell in the workplace, so too does their discontent. Only 28% of Millennials are currently ‘engaged’ in the workforce — the lowest employee engagement of any generation at work. If the job market improves in the next 12 months, 47% of Millennials report they will look for a job with a different organization.” –The Gallup Organization

2. Health Matters to Employee Engagement-Even though most respondents agreed that sleep is key for focus, 52 percent admitted they never – or rarely – get enough of it. Despite the fact that they find mid-day exercise recharges their focus, 70 percent say they never – or rarely – get enough physical activ...

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In business, a lot of the times the focus seems to be on numbers, everything goes by it – production output, development timelines, and profit margins – and some organizations actually focus even more on the numbers. Businesses should focus on numbers and how to improve, increase, decrease or reduce what helps or benefits the company; however, this focus sometimes leaves aside human aspects like employee engagement.

The big question is why should an organization care about employee engagement? We could provide many moral and emotional reasons why employee engagement programs are needed, but we thought numbers would actually work best for the case.

In different studies, employees consistently (about 50%) mention that “mo...

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It may surprise some employers and managers to learn the causes of disengagement but once they do it will put them in a stronger position to understand engagement and what programs and strategies could be employed to increase engagement, decrease disengagement and consequently improve motivation, productivity and performance.

Remember engagement is a very personal decision made by each individual employee that cannot be mandated or controlled by management teams or organizations. However what managers and companies can do is create an atmosphere and environment that is engaging to staff and conducive to high engagement.

There are a significant number of research articles, whitepapers and case studies available today that focus on engagem...

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