Through our partnership with Wiley we offer three powerful, proven one hour learning modules facilitated on line. Includes action plans for each module!

Encouraging the Heart -Managers will learn why recognition is needed in the workplace and how they can use recognition practices and principles to cultivate the desired attitudes, behaviors and results that lead to high performance. The session will explore how to link recognition with key goals and objectives so that all employees know what is important to the organization and feel valued and recognized for their contribution when these goals are achieved. In addition, managers will learn the practical tenants and how-to's of successful recognition to help cultivate the desired attitudes and behaviors that lead to results.

Managing for Employee Engagement- This learning module explains why employees disengage and what factors cause the work experience to fall below expectations. Managers will learn three issues that cause low engagement (Anonymity, Irrevelance and Immeasurement) and the key steps/techniques they can employ right away to prevent disengagement. The result: improved motivation and engagement as well as stronger working relationships.

Creating a Great Workplace-Participants gain important insights into The Great Place to Work® Model, an accessible and indispensable framework for building great workplaces. They will learn how they can utilize five key dimensions (Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Camaraderie) that elevate employee performance and leave with an understanding of how to create a great workplace along with the ideas, inspiration and action plans involved.

Ensure your managers have the skills necessary to optimize employee performance!

 Regular Price $300.00/manager

 Sale Price $200.00/ manager

 Offer Expires April 30-2017

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