Optique Line stands for sustainability at O-SHOW24

Optique Line presented its latest brand offering at O-SHOW24 from May 17 to 18, with a stand design that reused 70% of the materials from the previous O=MEGA23 setup.

The design – created by Marketing Manager at Optique Line, Ms Erika Desfontaines – aimed to minimize waste and have a positive impact on the environment, and received positive feedback from visitors to the fair.

“By reusing these materials, we have reduced costs while significantly reducing our environmental footprint, demonstrating that sustainability and innovation can go hand in hand,” said Desfontaines.

“Sustainability is at the core of our values. Reusing materials from previous installations minimizes waste while reflecting our commitment to smarter, more environmentally friendly design solutions.”

She added that the stand has been designed with visitors in mind, with the aim of creating a “familiar, friendly and inviting experience”.

“Our goal was to make visitors feel like they were browsing a pop-up store, where conversations flowed naturally and the collection was easily accessible.”

The design – created by Optique Line Marketing Manager, Ms Erika Desfontaines – was intended to minimize waste and have a positive impact on the environment. Image: Optique line.

In addition to the exhibition, the remaining materials from Optique Line’s O=MEGA23 stand were reused to redesign the company’s boardroom, which served as a modern showroom to showcase the latest eyewear collections.

“This initiative maximized the utility of our resources and created a dynamic space for internal showcases and client presentations,” said Desfontaines.

The design included a custom feature wall with Memphis artwork showcasing the company’s brand family.

“Aikō’s bold brand story inspired the Memphis artwork on our stand, and how I personally see the brand in terms of design, combining art deco and pop art styles with bright colors and geometric shapes,” said Desfontaines.

These new elements added a “fresh aesthetic” while maintaining the company’s commitment to sustainability.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the turnout at O-SHOW24. Connecting with the industry and seeing what other brands are doing is always inspiring,” said Desfontaines.

“We deliberately launched Aikō Eyewear at the O-SHOW to share our team’s energy and enthusiasm for the brand. The reactions were mainly positive; visitors were enthusiastic about the first Aikō collection and our stand received very positive feedback from all visitors.”

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