Tourist advertisement hits coastal town

PROMOTING TOURISM: First Nations elder Uncle Ken Jones has taken part in South Australia’s latest tourism campaign. Image: FILE

Charlotte Varcoe

FIRST Nations Elder Uncle Ken Jones’ story has been immortalized on the official South Australian tourism website.

Uncle Ken spent several days with the official Port MacDonnell camera crew in an attempt to put the coastal town on the map.

The new advert showcases Uncle Ken’s knowledge and heritage of the area and tells his story and the stories of the local area.

As part of the Untold campaign, Uncle Ken said he was quite surprised to not only be part of the project, but how well it came together.

“The intention of the tourism department was to encourage a more nature-based tourist attraction, which is really supported and the Limestone Coast will benefit from it,” Uncle Ken said.

“They brought the whole professional film crew and everything that made the work really professional, so I was really impressed with it.”

He said there was plenty of time to film the advert, with filming taking place over a number of days.

“We went to places that I thought would have a good background and they enjoyed looking at the forests and the coasts of Port MacDonnell and they were all very good at what they did,” Uncle Ken said.

“Port MacDonnell has a lot to offer, we deal so much with seaweed species and the crayfish industry in the area.

“It’s a natural wonderland and a lot of people are starting to think about it.”

Uncle Ken said he had noticed more and more tourists from abroad hearing about Port MacDonnell and decided to give it a try.

“Port MacDonnell is a destination between Melbourne and Adelaide, so they are looking at it with new eyes,” he said.

“I have had a long-standing relationship with the tourism department and therefore I believe I was a good candidate for this promotion.”

Uncle Ken said he had already received feedback on the project, which had the potential to reach an international audience.

“It was a great honor to be selected to be part of the whole program and I was surprised to find myself in the introductory footage,” he said.

“It was really nice to see Port MacDonnell and the Limestone Coast represented in the way we enjoy it.”

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