Sheena Palad on ‘replacing’ Eva Darren as FAMAS presenter

By: Anne Pasajol6 minutes ago

Sheena Palad is speaking out after 'replacing' Eva Darren as FAMAS presenter

Singer Sheena Palad and veteran actress Eva Darren. Image: Facebook/Shenaa Lee, Fernando de la Pena

Singer Sheena Palad addressed the fiasco at the recent Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) awards ceremony, saying she did not know veteran actress Eva Darren would be the presenter of the award she had to present.

Palad, the “upcoming younger singer” who “replaced” Darren as co-host of Tirso Cruz III, spoke out about the incident on Monday, May 27, offering her side via a video on her Facebook page.

Palad was joined in the video by her boyfriend, guest singer Johann Enriquez, who also empathized with Darren’s family.

“We just want to be honest about what happened,” Enriquez began. “Whatever happened po, ​​talagang, we feel sorry for it. And si Sheena, wala po siyang kinalaman about what happened. I think FAMAS is doing its best to address concerns.”

Recounting what happened at the event, Palad continued: “I was chosen, I was called by the organizers to perform for the Dinner Pleasure. The Dinner Pleasure is the entertainment during dinner.”

After her performance, Palad said she put on her second outfit and was standing by when one of the staff members approached her and asked for “a big favor.”

“Sabi niya, ‘Can you hand out the prizes?’ Sabi ko, ‘Okay, sige. No problem.’ – That’s all. ‘Yun lang po’ yung alam ko. Hindi ko po alam na si Mrs. Eva “yung magpe-present po,” Palad emphasized.

‘Actually, I had no idea. Hindi po kasi ako nanunuod nung awards night because I was in the waiting area. So, hindi ko po alam kung paano mag-present,” she declared, adding that she even mispronounced the late German Moreno’s name because she was all tense.

Palad further noted that she was unprepared and was unable to read the script before presenting the award.

“An instruction similar to, ‘Sheena, you are going to present after singing the production number,'” she said. “I was just following the instructions. ‘Yun lang, I hope you are informed about the situation.’

Palad then got emotional when Enriquez called on the crowd to stop bashing the former, who was just ‘doing her job’ and ‘is innocent’.

Before this, organizers of the FAMAS awards ceremony apologized to Darren and her family and said the actress had to be “replaced” because she could not be “located by the production team” during the ceremony.

The actress’ son, Fernando de la Peña, subsequently accepted the awards ceremony’s apology and advised organizers to “stick to the script” and wear “nice glasses” for next year’s awards ceremony.

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