KY sends investigation team after Jakarta Corruption Court judge releases Gazalba Saleh

JAKARTA – The Judicial Commission (KY) will send an investigation team against the decision of the Jakarta Corruption Court jury panel, which acquitted Supreme Court Judge Gazalba Saleh of money laundering charges. The question was whether or not there was an ethical violation.

KY spokesperson Mukti Fajar Nur Dewata initially said his institution did not have the authority to enter the judge’s area of ​​focus because it had entered the technical domain of the judiciary. However, they can analyze the judgment after it has permanent legal force.

“Although KY cannot review a decision, the decision can be a starting point for KY to investigate violations of the Code of Ethics and Conduct of Judges (KEPPH) by identifying various information and information that leads to allegations of ethical violations and conduct of judges in this case by deploying an investigation team,” Mukti said in a written statement on Tuesday, May 28.

“This is what KY will do,” he continued.

Mukti said this team moved as a form of KY initiative. The public is asked to continue to monitor the process. “KY pays attention to the decision of the jury that granted the exception to inactive Supreme Court Justice GS,” he said.

As previously reported, the Jakarta Corruption Court ordered the KPK to release Supreme Court Judge Gazalba Saleh in a trial held today, Monday, May 27. This order came after the filed exception was granted.

“To try, you must file an objection from the legal advisory team of defendant Gazalba Saleh,” the panel of judges Fahzal Hendri said.

This exception was granted because the judge ruled that the public prosecutor at the KPK had not received an appointment from the Attorney General. The indictment submitted cannot therefore be accepted.

This decision subsequently provoked a strong reaction from KPK Vice Chairman Alexander Marwata. He even asked the Supreme Court’s supervisory body (Bawas MA) and the Judicial Commission (KY) to investigate the panel of judges of the Central Jakarta Corruption Court who heard the case.

The judges who heard the case were Fahzal Hendri, Rianto Adam Pontoh and Judge Ad Hoc Sukartono.

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