Mark Feehily shares positive health update


Mark Feehily has taken a step back in recent months due to ongoing health issues.

He was forced to withdraw from the Westlife tour this year, which saw them take to the stage in America and Asia.

Now he has shared a positive health update as he celebrates his 43rd birthday.

He shared a video of his daughter Layla singing Happy Birthday to him as he explained that he is “getting better every week.”

He wrote: “I love you all so much, I have been without any social media apps on my phone for months which has been really good for me to take a break but I do miss it and I miss you all.

“Although I’m not back to 100% yet…I’m getting better every week and just enjoying time with my family and loved ones, it’s a physical and psychological journey! I wish I was with you at the concerts – I love you – hugs and kisses.”

He received comments from his close friends, including Kian Egan, who wrote: “Congratulations Mark. Sending you lots of love.”

Jedward wrote: “cute birthday vibes.”

Photo: Instagram/Mark Feehily

Mark released a statement about his health issues dating back to 2020.

“It actually all started 3.5 years ago, in August 2020, when I had surgery. Within a few days of this surgery, I was in severe pain and was rushed to the emergency room,” he explained at the time.

“I ultimately ended that horrible day in the intensive care unit (ICU) where I was told that due to a complication from surgery I had developed severe ‘sepsis’, a life-threatening infection that required immediate emergency surgery to correct the problem . actually save my life. I spent the next few months in the hospital. It was during the lockdown.”

She continued: “For months I was not allowed to have visitors due to strict Covid restrictions, including my fiancée and my then ten-month-old daughter. It was a very difficult time physically and mentally, not to mention the traumatic time I had to spend in the ICU for so long. I was eventually discharged from the hospital in December 2020, but as a result of all this I have had ongoing medical issues.

“At the end of 2021 I became very ill in Newcastle before a concert and ended up in A&E again, where this time I was told I had pneumonia. I was told that I had to go home straight away to recover and unfortunately had to miss the rest of the concerts in December.

“I was referred to a consultant who told me I needed more surgery, which I went ahead with in May 2022, meaning I was forced to miss more of The Wild Dreams tour. Three months after that surgery I did my best to continue for you and go on tour again, but unfortunately the physical demands of the concerts and the extensive traveling proved to be too much for me.

“I developed a very large ‘incisional hernia’ and was told I would need further surgery to correct the problem. This would be my fourth major surgery since all this started, but I had no choice.”

He continued: “That operation took place recently and thankfully it went according to plan, but with that my recovery now has to be my absolute priority at the moment.”

We’re happy to see that Mark is feeling better!

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