Kitchen nightmares: Has Telangana found a match for celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay? We say yes

Have you ever seen Kitchen Nightmares by celebrity chef and reality TV star Gordon Ramsay? The British chef, who has three Michelin stars and runs a fine dining restaurant chain across continents, is seen cursing, shouting and hurling abuse at kitchen staff, managers and owners in the United States, where he often finds dirty refrigerators, maggots infest raw meat, food and feed. ingredients kept past their expiration dates and staff with dire hygiene standards in this series that ran for several successful seasons on American TV.

Why are we discussing the British star today? Well, Telangana’s food safety commissioner looks like India’s answer to Ramsay as his teams prowl the kitchens of famous eateries in Hyderabad and other parts of the state known for their biryani and other food items. Their raids have ensnared Rameshwaram Cafe, Karachi Bakery, Big Basket, Baskin Robins and Naturals Ice Cream, among others.

An angry response from the Rameshwaram Cafe owner went viral, where he accepted that mistakes had been made by his staff and will not be repeated. But netizens have been quick to point out that the quality of the premium ingredients (and vegetables… what are premium vegetables people are asking for) that Rameshwaram Cafe uses in their food is not up to par and the prices are certainly sky high. Rameshwaram Cafe may have been a big name in Bengaluru, but certainly not in Hyderabad, judging by the reactions of the X users.

In the social media posts that have generated massive attention in the last two weeks, the teams and squads sent by the Telangana Food Safety Commissioner find out what was known to us for decades but virtually never acted upon by those in power . The photos and videos posted by the official X-handle of the CFS Telangana will make you rethink the food you order from your favorite restaurants.

So what has CVS, Telangana found in their raids so far?

  1. Poor hygienic conditions, staff rarely wear hair caps, no medical records
  2. Cockroaches, rats, insects around kitchen and storage areas
  3. Expired, mold-infested food products unfit for human consumption
  4. Unlabeled raw material
  5. No good logs of recycled cooking oil
  6. No license, registration
  7. Violation of FSSAI Act

So far, there is only one outlet that appears to have met the authorities’ standards: Paradise Food Court in Masab Tank. Here’s what authorities found

  1. All materials and food items were found covered and properly labeled as per FSSAI regulations.
  2. Pest control records are maintained by the FBO.
  3. Raw materials, semi-prepared and prepared food items were found covered and properly labeled as per FSSAI regulations.
  4. The FBO was found to be supplying Dhaara brand packaged water bottles and on-site testing showed TDS levels to be 73 ppm. Samples of the said water bottles have been sent to the laboratory for analysis.

We would like all state food authorities across the country to conduct such surveys. Do you agree?

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