“Give us Bobrisky and take Very Dark Man” – Actor Stanley Nwoko pleads as he flies to Abuja for VDM trial

Nollywood actor, Stanley Nwoko, also known as Stanley Ontop, has called for the release of crossdresser Bobrisky to replace Very Dark Man.

Kemi Filani reported last week that Very Dark Man is currently in jail, following his arraignment in court, over his allegations that Bobrisky gives young boys to high-ranking police officers to sleep with.

Taking to his Instagram page, Stanley revealed that he would be flying to Abuja to attend Very Dark Man’s court hearing which takes place tomorrow. He appealed to Nigerians to forgive him, claiming that the activist is mentally unbalanced and physically malnourished.

However, he stated that he would beg the judge to reduce his sentence from 14 years to 5 years because he is only human. He then appealed to the court to release Bobrisky and confiscate VDM.

Using VDM as a case study, Stanley added that in life one should not mock the predicament of others as he noted how VDM mocked Bobrisky for being imprisoned now that he is facing a similar situation .

“Today I am flying to Abuja to attend the court hearing of Very Irresponsible Dirty Dark Man tomorrow.

Nigerians, you must forgive him, he is mentally unbalanced and physically malnourished.

I will beg the judge to sentence him to 5 years in prison instead of 14 years, at least I’m human.

Justice for VDM. Give us Bobrisky and take VDM.

“I will see you all in Abuja today.
I’m not allowed to be a police eyewitness

Don’t hurt everyone in this life, so you can get help if you need it.

Free Bobrisky and hold VDM

I remember the very irresponsible, dirty, dark man saying he was going to arrest Bob and prosecute him. Now they are both Dey prison

Only God gets power in this life
See you in Abuja

Justice for VDM


Stanley Nwoko mocks Very Dark ManStanley Nwoko mocks Very Dark Man

Remember, Very Dark Man was in jail about a month ago over a similar issue. He had said that senior police officers were gay and that Bobrisky was sleeping with top lawmakers.

Meanwhile, his rival, Bobrisky, was arrested by the EFCC for misuse of the Naira to which he pleaded guilty and had begged the judge to give him another chance, promising to make good use of his platform to inform and educate his followers to educate about spraying. money. Unfortunately, the judge did not excuse his bad behavior and he was sentenced to six months in prison, without the possibility of a fine.

The rift between Very Dark Man and Bobrisky has been going on for a hot minute. When Very Dark Man was arrested, Bobrisky openly cheered, and when Bobrisky himself was arrested, Very Dark Man celebrated as well.

Very Dark Man was one of the leading advocates for Bobrisky’s arrest. He even went so far as to write a petition against Bobrisky, stating that the latter was committing amorous acts with his fellow human beings on social media.

Bobrisky also raised his own allegations against Very Dark Man, claiming he had access to the activist’s data.x band. He also claimed that Very Dark Man was handed out for sx to rich men in Lagos.

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