More than 400 loudspeakers have been removed from religious places in Indore, Muslims protest

By Muslim mirror staff

INDORE: Officials in this Madhya Pradesh city have removed 437 loudspeakers from 258 religious places of various communities over the past two days.

“In accordance with the orders of the Madhya Pradesh government, action was taken on Saturday to remove sound amplifying devices from religious places. A total of 437 loudspeakers were removed from 258 different religious places, which was well above the prescribed norms. This action was taken after consultation with all committees, be it temples or mosques,” Additional DCP Rajesh Dandotiya said.

The government’s actions have sparked protests from Muslim religious leaders. A delegation led by Indore’s Shahar Qazi Mohammad Ishrat Ali met District Magistrate Ashish Singh and demanded that loudspeakers be allowed at religious places within the permissible noise limit as per the Supreme Court guidelines. “If loudspeakers are banned at religious places, the same rule should apply to DJs at weddings and other events,” he said.

District Magistrate Singh said loudspeakers at religious places had been removed on the instructions of the state government and everyone had to follow the directive.

Prime Minister Mohan Yadav has issued an order banning loudspeakers and DJs at religious and public places if their volume exceeds prescribed limits. This order follows the Noise Control Act and Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000, along with the guidelines of the Supreme Court.

The state government has set up flying squadrons in all districts to monitor noise pollution and illegal use of loudspeakers. (With input from agencies)

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