Montrose Environmental Group Executives, 3M Chief Technology Officer Discuss Successful Progress in Removing “Forever Chemicals” from Water

Business Wire IndiaMontrose Environmental Group, Inc. (“Montrose”) (NYSE: MEG) today shared highlights from its presentation with 3M Company at Bank of America’s 31st annual Transportation, Airlines and Industrials Conference in New York. Montrose President and Chief Executive Officer, Vijay Manthripragada, and Montrose Chief Innovation Officer, Steve Woodard, Ph.D., joined 3M’s Chief Technology Officer John Banovetz, Ph.D., for a panel entitled: “PFAS Panel: Advancing Technology for a Cleaner Tomorrow.”

During the panel, Montrose and 3M discussed how both companies are innovating to remove PFAS compounds on an unprecedented scale from complex water sources at 3M’s chemical manufacturing sites, and how sustainability is coming together, including through the use of Montrose’s proprietary ion exchange technology.

“Our company is based on innovation and science, and that is why we are looking for partners in the same spirit,” said Dr. Banovetz from 3M. “We were able to quickly find a partner in Montrose and are very grateful for their partnership and help in achieving our sustainability goals, especially our water quality goal.”

“We work with many Fortune 500 companies. John and the 3M leadership team are among the most sustainability-focused leaders we have had the pleasure of working with,” said Mr. Manthripragada. “When the teams at Montrose and 3M were thinking about how to remove PFAS from water, sustainability was important. The byproduct of that (joint) innovation and technological development is a solution that produces much less waste, uses much less filter media, has a smaller footprint that is demonstrably safer for employees, and uses less energy.”

Montrose’s patented regenerative solution consists of small plastic beads with special physical properties that give them a high affinity for PFAS and the ability to remove the compounds from water. Instead of throwing away and replacing once used beads, they can be washed and reused. Furthermore, Montrose has developed technology to clean the spent regenerative solution through distillation and superloading, allowing continued reuse. Combining the resin treatment technology with the regenerative solution creates a sustainable PFAS treatment system that is effective in removing PFAS from the environment.

Dr. Woodard noted that the systems developed for 3M through the partnership are also being deployed globally, benefiting communities as far away as Australia.

“We have developed multiple technologies to remove them from the environment, and 3M is leading the way,” Woodard said. “We will benefit many industries, communities and governments, but most importantly the health and well-being of communities.”

A replay of the audio webcast can be accessed on the BofA conference webcast website at PFAS Panel: Advancing Technology for a Cleaner Tomorrow (

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