Google now lets you share passwords with your family members: here’s how it works

Google Password Manager is a reliable tool for securing all your digital accounts without having to remember multiple passwords. The app generates unique alphanumeric passwords, which are stored securely using encryption. This service is free and accessible to anyone with a Google account. Google recently introduced the ability to share passwords with family members. This feature, which was discussed earlier this year, is now rolling out to users who have set up a Family Group.

How does the new feature work?

The new feature will become available when you update Google Play Services to version 24.20, which is rolling out this week. Google’s Password Manager works through the Chrome browser on mobile, desktop, and Mac devices. However, the password sharing feature only works if you have set up a family group. Only members of this group have access to the shared personal account information.

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To use this feature, you must first navigate to the Password Manager section in Chrome and click on a saved account. Google displays a “Share copy of your password” pop-up window so family members can fill in their password manager details. These members can then log in to any app or service you have access to with your account.

Google emphasizes that sharing passwords in this way is safe, as the mechanism is designed with top-level security in mind. The shared passwords are encrypted so your information remains protected. You can check for the latest Play Services update in the Play Store app for your Android phone to see if the password sharing feature is available once you set up a family group. This improvement simplifies shared access management for families while maintaining robust security protocols.

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