‘I’m a style astrologer, here’s what Gemini zodiac signs should wear for coziness and rejuvenation’

If you love all things spiritual, numbers, tarot cards, or maybe you’re just obsessed with reading your zodiac sign weekly to find out what the future holds, then we’ve got something extra special to tickle your spiritual style buttons. Astrologer Bex Milford (@cosmic_cures) has given us her expert insight into what your zodiac sign should wear with a personal ‘Astro-style-scope’ and it’s currently Gemini season (May 20 – June 20)

Bex reveals: “We enter Gemini season with a sense of optimistic rejuvenation. It’s a time to embrace bright and lighthearted conversations, put your dancing shoes in your day bag in case plans take a turn for the glamour, and letting yourself be distracted with the glittering allure of whatever piques your curiosity. During Gemini season, we are social butterflies, information magpies, and inveterate flirts.

Gemini is a mutable sign, meaning it’s the bridge between the seasons, arriving right as we transition from a fairly humid spring to a hopefully sun-filled summer. For this reason, thoughts turn to pastel printed blouses and dreamy dresses in the must-have color of the moment and Utility-Chic are on our radar, and the sidewalk is your catwalk!

This is amplified by both Venus and Jupiter moving into Gemini around May 23 and 25, so use the weekend to dazzle. Venus is the planet that represents love, fun and style, while jubilant Jupiter encourages our desire to kick back and let go, so this is a time to flirt, date or throw a party.

Professional astrologer Bex Milford is here to give you your personal fashion horoscope. (Image: Bex Milford)

At the very end of May, messenger planet Mercury meets Uranus, the planet of rebellion, innovation and eccentricity. They join forces in Taurus, the spark plug bull sign associated with material comfort and the finer things in life. This is your chance to do things a little differently, so channel Joe Lycett’s confidence with the British and wear your most unique, lavish outfit.

We enter a new month with the first ‘Cosmic Kiss’ of the season, when Venus rubs shoulders with the Sun on June 1. This is the perfect time to plan a romantic tête-à-tête, go shopping with friends or invest time in your artistic musings. Then Mercury and Venus will cuddle together on June 16, making this the time to send a love letter, give your partner lavish sweets, take a leap of faith and tell someone you love, or date them. watching romantic encounters. in local coffee shops. Dress for the role you want in the Rom-Com of your life!

The New Moon in Gemini on June 6 is a wonderful time to start a new storyline. Gemini as a sign is linked to the written word, communication, and the storyline of our own lives, so we can use this lunation as an opportunity to start a new chapter. What has served its time for you? How are you going to approach this blank page and set things in motion? Additionally, the New Moon is conjunct Venus – ideal for new beginnings in relationships, artistic endeavors and also financial gain – Venus rules money, after all! So if you want to invest in yourself, this is the New Moon to do so.

A First Quarter Moon in organized, uncluttered Virgo on June 14 makes this the perfect day to spring-clean your wardrobe and sort out what you no longer need. Organize a clothes swap, go to the charity shop or sell online – but embrace the energy of cleansing and you’ll feel great.

Then, on June 17, Venus leaves the sign of talkative Gemini and moves into the sensitive and nurturing waters of Cancer. Here the planet of love, fun and style imbues us with a desire for a more comfortable pace of life. Spending time at home, organizing family get-togethers, investing in flowers and candles for the bedroom and flexing our domestic goddess muscles with some baking will be the epitome of enjoyment.”

Read on to see what professional astrologer Bex Gemini signs recommends need to shop this month…

Cream linen blend utility jumpsuit

SHOP: Nobody’s Child is now £99 €79 here

The utility trend is practical and chic (Image: No Man’s Child)

Gemini is the sign of the adaptable twins and is associated with duality and flexibility, so this season’s ‘utility chic’ trend is perfect for you.

This cream linen blend from Nobody’s Child can be worn during the day with trainers and a straw tote bag and at night with platform heels and glam earrings for a 70s twist – plus it’s on sale, so grab it while you can!

The Chéri ruffle tulle midi skirt from Anthropologie

SHOP: Anthropology, €130 here

Flirty tulle fabrics are in fashion this summer and can be worn both casually and chicly(Image: Anthropology)

We have two cosmic kisses during Gemini season, as Venus settles into the Sun and then Mercury. This strengthens our romantic, flirty and creatively whimsical sides.

Tulle skirts, sheer and thin are all the rage this summer, so you can have your own Carrie Bradshaw moment. This luxurious tulle skirt will become a loyal friend in your wardrobe. Combine it with heels and a flashy bag for a date night and sneakers and a T-shirt for brunch with the girls.

Zuri glass butterfly pendant necklace

SHOP: Oliver Bonas, £26 here

Wear your social butterfly status with pride (Image: Oliver Bonas)

Gemini is all about flitting around and being your most talkative, flirty self. Wear your social butterfly status with pride by literally wearing butterflies this month! Their gentle flight is a reminder of life’s fleeting moments and the importance of embracing joy and freedom.

This beautiful necklace from Oliver Bonas gives every outfit a summery touch.

Beautiful boys’ trousers with wide legs

SHOP: Traffic people at Wolf & Badger, £99 here

Make sure you stand out from the crowd this summer with cool pants (Image: Wolf and Badger)

When Mercury meets Uranus in Taurus, all bets are off. We are encouraged to go a little rogue in our style and think outside the box.

Taurus is also associated with finances, so if you want to invest in a piece of clothing that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd, opt for these beautiful printed trousers from Wolf and Badger.

Cream broderie diving beach mini dress

SHOP: River Island, £40 here

Choose a dress that is versatile for countless diary appointments (Image: River Island)

New moons = new beginnings, and in Gemini we look at how we want to change the story. After all, this is the constellation that accompanies the written word.

White is one of THE colors of the summer and nothing says ‘blank page’ and ‘main character energy’ like this plunging embroidery dress from River Island. Garden party, beach, night out on the town – it meets all style criteria.

Striped shirt in pure cotton with collar

STORE: M&S, €29.50 here

Homebirds should look to comfy essentials like this slouchy striped shirt (Image: M&S)

When Venus and Mercury move into Cancer, it tends to trigger the homebody in all of us, and domestic bliss becomes more appealing than disco blasts. Fortunately, pajama chic is one of the most comfortable trends of the summer.

This fresh green and white striped shirt from M&S can be worn with shorts, jeans, or just lounging on the sofa on a sunny Sunday morning – buy it a few sizes up for the ultimate lay-down style. You can also shop it in brown here.

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