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In 2005, Gauri Khan and Sussanne Khan graced the couch of Karan Johar’s show Coffee With Karan and talked about Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan. Talking about the Pathan actor’s religion, Gauri said, ‘There is a balance. I respect Shah Rukh’s religion, but that doesn’t mean I would convert and become a Muslim. I don’t believe in that. I think everyone is an individual and follows his or her religion. But of course there should be no disrespect. Just like Shah Rukh would not disrespect my religion either.”

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Aryan (Khan) loves Shah Rukh so much that I think he would follow his religion. He will always say: ‘I am a Muslim.’ And when he tells my mom this, she gets, “What do you mean?” She’s dealing with it and it’s true.

Shah Rukh Khan has made many friends in the industry during his journey of 33 years and more and one of them is Chunky Panday. In a recent interview with Time Out with Ankit, Panday shared some anecdotes about SRK.

He revealed, “I think one of his first friends in Bombay when he arrived was my younger brother Chikki. They are still the best of friends. So at that time they (Shah Rukh and Gauri) rented a place and they often came to meet my brother, sabbath ke videocassettes dekhte the (they sat together and watched films on videocassettes). So he and Gauri were in my house quite often.

The house full actor added, “With Shah Rukh, I was so sure that this boy would become a superstar. Because he had that in him, you can see that fire. He always has. That talent was always there with him before he became the superstar. So he has a lot of confidence and knew where he was going. I am of course very proud to have known him since then. He hasn’t changed.”

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