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Alexander Skarsgard stars in drama film – Top artists in Hollywood

Any movie star can make it big on the big screen or via streaming in a home, thanks to nifty camera angles or other cinematic wizardry. Nevertheless, these eleven Hollywood stars are also among the best in their field, far away from the cameras.

Peter Mayhew: 7 feet 3 inches

He once took on one of the most famous characters, yet hidden under much adored Wookiee fur: the British Peter Mayhew (1944-2019), who dissented in April 2019, gave Han Solo’s (Harrison Ford, 81) companion and co a new meaning. pilot Chewbacca (aka Chewie) in the “Star Wars” films. He played this role in no fewer than five ‘Star Wars’ films – until The Force Awakens in 2015. At 2.00 meters tall, Mayhew was a real colossus.

Brad Garrett: 6-foot-1

Entertainer and entertainer Brad Garrett (64) is considered the most notable entertainer to have played a driving role on TV. In the exceptionally well-known American sitcom ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, Garrett played Robert, the hero’s more seasoned sibling, from 1996 to 2005 on the American CBS channel. To add to this, Garrett, who won three Emmy Awards for his exhibition in ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, appeared in several creations throughout the long run, including in the arrangement ‘Law & Order: SVU’ and ‘Fargo’ and the film “Sweet and approachable.”

Richard Moll: 6ft 6in

The American entertainer Richard Moll (1943-2023) is probably unknown in Germany. In any case, the 6-foot-tall colossus consistently appeared in front of the camera in almost every known TV program. In series from the 80s such as ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ or ‘The A-Team’ he had guest roles, just like in the exemplary ‘Baywatch’ from the 90s, ‘Sabrina – Wunderbare Zeiten’ or ‘Highlander’. He also appeared in parody films like ‘Scary Movie 2’ or ‘Loaded Weapon 1’.

James Cromwell: 1.80m

American James Cromwell (84) is a seriously acclaimed and experienced character entertainer who has starred in countless creations over the years. The Emmy Award champion had key supporting roles in such exemplary films as “LA Disruption,” “The Green Mile” and “Star Trek – First Contact.”

He also appeared in front of the camera in many TV shows – most recently in the HBO triumphal series ‘Succession’ and ‘House of Lies’ starring Don Cheadle (57).

Joe Manganiello: 6-foot-1

A character who has recently made the news more for his own life than for his acting: the American Joe Manganiello (47) played a werewolf in the HBO arrangement ‘True Blood’ and a stripper in the ‘Magic Mike’ films. If anything, he made a name for himself as a sex image for his job as Big Dick Richie. Nevertheless, his marriage to Hands film star Sofia Vergara (51) ended in 2023 after almost eight years.

Armie hammer: 6ft 4in

The 6-foot-4 Armie Hammer, 37, has been relatively calm lately after several ladies openly blamed him for inadequate behavior. As a result, he lost jobs or gradually gave them up. Despite this, no indictment or preliminary charges were ever filed.

Before the outrage, the entertainer seemed on his way to becoming one of the biggest stars in the world. His execution as the sweetheart of Timothée Chalamet (28) in the cherished love film ‘Call Me by Your Name’ is still difficult to forget.

Vince Vaughn: 6-foot-1

Truly, the American entertainer Vince Vaughn (54), who became famous for his work in several satire parodies, is one of the loftiest entertainers in Hollywood with a height of 1.80 meters. He is best known for his exhibitions in comedies such as “Old School”, “The Wedding Crashers” or “Anchorman – The Legend of Ron Burgundy”. the following season of “True Detective” or much the same as the heavy activity film “Dragged Across Concrete”.

Tim Robbins: 6-foot-1

Tim Robbins (65) is one of – if you think about his entire vocation – the most prolific Hollywood entertainers who never transformed into absolutes. He played an indelible role in the exemplary penal foundation “The Shawshank Redemption” by Morgan Freeman (86). He also won an Oscar for his presentation as “Best Supporting Actor” in “Mystic River” and coordinated the expertly praised film “Dead Man Walking”. Lately, the 6-foot-2 Robbins has been seen in the highly prescribed sci-fi arrangement “Silo.”

63-year-old American actor John Corbett, known as one of the tallest stars in Hollywood with a height of 1.80 meters, has made a name for himself as Aidan Shaw, the partner of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in the popular series “Sex and the City” and its spin-off “And Just Like That…”. He also appeared in the successful film series ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ and married former sex symbol Bo Derek (67) in 2020.

As for another Hollywood heavyweight, Jeff Goldblum (71), who stands at 6 feet tall, he is both a huge star and a fan favorite. Known for iconic films like “Jurassic Park” and “Independence Day,” Goldblum recently starred in the Marvel Marvel Universe with “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and “Thor: Love and Thunder” and hosted the docuseries ” The World According to Jeff Goldblum”.

Finally, established 6-foot-2 Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård, 47, has made a name for himself with roles such as the vampire series of True Blood. He also appeared in films such as “The Legend of Tarzan”, “The Northman” and the HBO series “Big Little Lies”.

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