Jewish board condemns gruesome murder at Glenmore

The South African Jewish Council of Representatives (SAJBD) said it was “outraged” by the murder of Glenmore resident Halima Hoosen-Preston in an alleged Islamophobic attack.

Hoosen-Preston was stabbed several times during the brutal attack by a suspect who forced his way into her Hyder Road home in the early hours of Saturday morning (June 1).

She was pronounced dead by ALS paramedics, and her husband and son were also treated for multiple stab wounds during the same attack.

According to the police, the suspect has been arrested and is in possession of a blood-stained knife.

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Provincial police spokesman Colonel Robert Netshiunda said the man had been arrested in connection with the murder and attempted murder cases.

“The motive for the violence is unknown, although a 10-year-old survivor told police that the suspect stated he stabbed them because they supported Palestine. The man also allegedly threatened to rape the little girl,” he said.

A widely shared video circulating on social media reportedly shows the suspect involved in the motive of the attack citing the Israeli war in Gaza as a motivating factor.

In the video, the suspect is heard talking to two men off camera, claiming that an argument occurred between him and Hoosen-Preston over his cousins ​​being murdered in Israel.

He also claims that ‘once upon a time’ he was a Zionist.

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In a statement, the SAJBD asked that the law be allowed to take its course after the horrific attack.

“This is a tragic event and our hearts and prayers go out to the affected family. We ask that this matter be thoroughly investigated by the legal system and that the investigations and legal processes can proceed. In this highly charged environment, we call for calm from all communities so that justice can prevail,” the statement said.

The police investigation continues.

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