National Patient Participation Week – forums and networks for patients to share feedback and views

EPUT wants to ensure that everyone who uses their services is involved in decision-making about their care and has the opportunity to help improve the care we provide.

A spokesperson said: “Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT) has a range of forums and networks for patients, their families and supporters, which we are highlighting as part of National Patient Participation Week (3 to 9 June).

Here are some of our main groups:

· The EPUT Forum is for anyone who wants to share their experiences, ideas and feedback to help us improve our services. It meets online every three months and the discussion topics are driven by the people who attend.

· The People Participation Committee is for patients, caregivers, EPUT staff and our healthcare partners to make suggestions, recommendations and decisions to improve the experiences of our patients, families and caregivers. It meets online every three months.

· The Urgent and Emergency Care Involvement Group is for patients and their carers to provide feedback and suggest improvements to our urgent and urgent care services for physical, mental health and learning disabilities. It meets online every six to eight weeks.

· Our Neurodiversity Network meets online approximately every eight weeks. It’s an opportunity for members to network with others, provide feedback and suggest improvements to help us ensure our services meet the needs of neurodivergent people.

· The EPUT Carer Network is intended for anyone who is or has been an informal caregiver for someone who has received care from EPUT. This new group will meet every month and provide support and information to healthcare providers, as well as the opportunity for people to share ideas and feedback with staff.

· Our Co-Production Champions Network is aimed at people with experience in using healthcare services and who would like to be involved in shaping and designing our services.

Some of our services have their own patient and caregiver networks, which provide information, support and the opportunity to shape the care we provide.

And we have many opportunities for people to get involved in supporting our patients and designing and improving our services.

If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved in our forums and networks, please email us (email protected)

You can also visit our Get Involved webpage at

“National Patient Participation Week is organized by the National Association for Patient Participation to raise awareness of the importance of involving patients in shaping healthcare services to ensure they best meet their needs. It also focuses on empowering patients to be actively involved in decisions about their care.”

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