Indian Elections 2024: Why It Matters for Australia?

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  • Although the BJP is contesting the elections citing the growth of the Indian economy, there is frustration among ordinary Indians over unemployment and inflation.
  • Incumbent Indian Prime Minister accused of hate speech and concerns about the independence of the Election Commission.
  • The opposition’s failure to appoint a candidate for the post of prime minister could cause damage.
With more than 1 billion eligible voters, India is not only the most populous country, but also one of the fastest growing economies and the largest democracy in the world. So it’s no surprise that just as India is about to announce its election results on June 4, the world’s attention is on India right now.

To deeply understand and cover the 2024 Indian elections, SBS journalist Aaron Fernandez is currently touring India.

The 2024 Indian elections coincide with the rise of China and at a time when Western countries are looking to diversify where they import goods. They really want to work more with India to counterbalance China’s economic and military weight.

Aaron Fernandes, Asia correspondent at SBS

In an exclusive conversation with Aaron, SBS Punjabi explored the role of religion in India’s ongoing elections, transparency of the voting process and freedom of the press.
During the conversation, Aaron highlighted that even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP is contesting the elections on the back of India’s economic revival, there is, however, frustration among ordinary Indians over unemployment and inflation.
Aaron also said there have been allegations of hate speech against Mr Modi, as well as widespread concerns about the independence of India’s Election Commission. He told SBS Punjabi: “It has not been a good election for communal harmony in India.”
It will be announced on June 4 who will win the elections. But whoever comes to power in India, India and Australia will try to continue the strategic partnership.
Both India and Australia are partners in QUAD dialogues and Australia also experiences a large migration of people from the Indian community.
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