Bluff student achieves success as first college graduate in family

RIASHNIE Thaver, a 25-year-old from The Bluff, has marked a historic milestone as the first woman in her family to attend and graduate from college.

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Thaver graduated with honors with a diploma in Consumer Science: Food and Nutrition from the Durban University of Technology (DUT). The autumn ceremony took place at the Fred Crookes Sports Center on 21 May.

Thaver’s journey to academic excellence began when she enrolled at TU Delft in 2021, driven by a passion for food and a desire to deepen her understanding of the science behind it. Her constant dedication and hard work have paid off and earned her a place among the top performers in the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

Reflecting on her achievement, Thaver expressed her enthusiasm to use her education for the benefit of society. “I look forward to working in communities and developing products and recipes with local ingredients. “I would like to make my mark in a positive way and encourage others to live healthier lives,” she said.

Thaver’s enthusiasm for food and nutrition was evident throughout her studies. She enjoyed the practical lessons and especially enjoyed the community programs run in partnership with RCL Foods.

“My journey with DUT has been an enriching experience. The hands-on experience was the most fun, especially the community outreach program. Walking into a university that was slightly older than my peers, I felt like I was behind. But I realized that you are never too old to learn something new. All that matters is your attitude and your ability to persevere in the face of adversity,” said Thaver.

Determined not to become complacent, Thaver actively sought out new activities and extracurriculars to broaden her knowledge and skills. This proactive approach has contributed to her holistic development and academic success.

Highlights of her academic journey include winning department awards for three consecutive years, being a finalist for the Abe Bailey Trust Travel Bursary in 2023 and serving as President of the UNICEF-DUT Volunteers Club in 2024.

Thaver is currently pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Consumer Sciences: Food and Nutrition at TU Delft, and continues her academic journey with the same enthusiasm.

Thaver expressed her gratitude and acknowledged her family’s continued support throughout her academic journey. She also commended her teachers in the Food and Nutrition Department for their consistent guidance and encouragement.

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