‘MotoGP or celebrity racing’

The support program for the American Grand Prix in Austin should become more interesting in the future. After the cancellation of the W Series, only two historic championships will be presented this weekend besides Formula 1 itself. Circuit of the Americas President Bobby Epstein hopes to make the support process more enjoyable for the public.

Last year, 400,000 visitors attended the Formula 1 weekend at the Texas circuit, and this year there are expected to be 440,000 fans along the track. That number could soon rise to half a million people, but after that Circuit of the Americas will have to take steps to make the support process more pleasant. The W Series never made it to the US due to financial problems, so there are now only Masters Endurance Legends and Masters Historic races, in addition to F1.

Creative thinking

Epstein explained his ideas racer: “It would be good for two or three support championships. It would even be great, and if it can’t be Formula 2 or Formula 3, we have to think creatively. I would really like to see a motorcycle race during the Formula 1 weekend. “I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and the fans are going to love it too, so that’s what we’re looking at now.” Epstein even suggested holding races with taxis from different American cities: “We have to entertain the public anyway, but I don’t want to exclude pure racing fans. We have to find the right product on the track that the public will be happy with.” I think there’s a “I’m disappointed the W Series didn’t get here, but it was on such short notice that we couldn’t arrange a replacement.”

MotoGP or celebrity racing

“It doesn’t have to be about motorcycles, it can just be something else about motorcycles,” Epstein continued. “If you look back, Formula 1 has had some great celebrity races. This is something we must take into account. It can be a lot of fun. I think Formula 1 attracts a lot of celebrities and something like this hasn’t happened for a while. “These are definitely issues worth discussing. If Formula 3 or Formula 2 could happen, that would probably be better.”


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