Healthcare, ready-made lists without cash. The state treasury is empty

Waiting lists, lack of money: the current measure in CDM could be a ‘soft’ model

The authorities Melons prepares to usher in the present closet the decree on lchecklist for certificates. But the measure introduced by the main dangers changed slightly larger than an election ad with a view to the elections next Saturday and Sunday. In reality, there are only a few funds available. They could be assigned – largely based on what Il Fatto Quotidiano seems – 300 million euros at the entrance of prices estimated between 6/700 and 1.3 billion. The rest of the money ends up in a bill with an extensive and uncertain parliamentary course. “Some measures could be immediately operational after the Council of Ministers, I think to the increase in the expenditure ceiling for hiring healthcare staff that can go valley 10 to 15%“said Health Minister Orazio Schillaci.

Anger from Regions, convened only yesterday after weeks – Il Fatto continues – of previews in the newspapers and without a shred of concept. But besides that, me lawyers of the Quirinale they set the stakes, not recognizing the urgency reconfirm by decree partially applicable guidelines that have never been used, for example because the ban on closing reserve agendas for a visit or exam and it is best to receive the service by paying for the ticket only to a person where the National Health Service does not guarantee this within the expected timescales. THE medicine they are protesting for a long-awaited measure that can actually happen postponed on a date to be determined.

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