Selfridges completes its transformative beauty hall renovation and opens The Beauty Spot

Selfridges has unveiled its completely revamped beauty salon at its London flagship on Oxford Street following a multi-million pound investment that took a year to complete.

Refy in the new beauty hall Beauty Spot

Referring to the beauty hall as “the beating heart of our London store”, it has maximized sales space (with even unused warehouse space now being used for retail) and now offers more than 300 brands, many exclusive to the store . The department also employs more than a thousand beauty experts and offers more than 200 beauty services.

Lifestyle director David Legrand said in a LinkedIn post that “our new architecture is groundbreaking and prioritizes sightlines for clear views, better navigation and improved accessibility. We have also installed an advanced LED lighting system designed for optimal shade matching and color consultation.”

The company has worked hard to make the most of available space – which has always been limited given the presence of key high-margin categories such as accessories nearby. But as the figures above show, it has managed to squeeze in a huge number of brands and services while creating a more open, spacious feel to the hall.

There are now more branded counters, but also an overall feeling of more space now that the internal walls have been removed.


The department can now also offer a much wider variety of brands, from the big names in luxury beauty to the newcomers who are still making an impact despite their much smaller size.

The latter point is in line with the retailer’s tradition of nurturing new talent and offering something new and innovative in the categories it offers.

There’s also a big focus on sustainability, with 74 brands (including some of the biggest names like Chanel, Prada and Dior) offering refill options and “a commitment for all brands to include refills by 2025.”

And the experiential element of the space has been expanded to include more category-specific ‘gaming tables’ and a 30m² Beauty Spot area to showcase experimental beauty concepts. Buzz brand Refy is launching a four-month residency there this month, with the Beauty Spot seen as a way to replicate The Corner Shop’s success for fashion residencies.

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