Former head of the secret service, Schoof, takes on the leading role in the Netherlands.

Former head of the secret service, Schoof, takes on the role of Dutch government leader.

About six months ago, the Dutch voted for a new parliament and soon they will have a new government. The leadership of this four-party coalition will be in the hands of Dick Schoof, a former intelligence agent. The backbone of this alliance is the PVV party of right-wing extremist Geert Wilders.

Dick Schoof, once the head of the intelligence service and the Anti-Terrorism Agency, will soon become Prime Minister of the Netherlands. The government parties announced this piece of news in The Hague. Schoof is currently the highest official at the Ministry of Justice. He is expected to lead the most right-wing government in the country’s history and succeed Mark Rutte, who is set to become NATO secretary general.

Right-wing lunatic Geert Wilders applauded this decision and said: “He stands above the parties and has our trust.” Not only that, his breadth of experience is yet another attractive feature.

Six months ago, Dutch citizens elected a new parliament. It came as a shock that Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) had become the most powerful faction with 37 seats. To form a stable majority, he had to bring in at least two partners. After difficult rounds of persuasion and convolutions, Wilders shook hands with Rutte’s liberal-right VVD faction, the right-conservative CDA and the right-wing populist Farmers’ Party BBB for a combination.

In order to forge the coalition, Wilders had to give up his role as prime minister and some of his rash demands, such as restrictions on mosques. About half of the office holders will be amateurs in politics.

Schoof has had limited political participation so far and was once part of the Social Democratic Party. He is recognized as a specialist in security and immigration – two buzzwords for the right-wing coalition members. Schoof has supervised the intelligence and security organization AIVD, handled terrorism operations and even headed the Aliens Service.

The entire cabinet formation is expected to take several weeks. It is believed that the King will install this new government in about four weeks.

During the presentation of the coalition agreement on May 16, Wilders, the leader of the anti-Islam group, stated that he would guide the Netherlands through a major policy change. Wilders promised the “toughest asylum policy ever” and a sharp reduction in immigration. Spotted in his blueprint are the ease of environmental restrictions for farmers and the end of sponsorship for renewable energy.

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