The provincial minister of Sindh is exploring bilateral tourism and cultural ties with the UAE consulate

Sindh’s Minister for Tourism, Culture, Antiquities and Archives Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah on Tuesday visited the UAE Consulate where he met Consul General HE Bakheet Ateeq AlRemeithi.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss mutual tourism and cultural initiatives, as well as projects aimed at promoting tourism through public-private partnerships. Also present at the meeting was Muhammad Isa Al Tahiri, CEO of UBank.

During the meeting, Minister Shah emphasized Pakistan’s eagerness to strengthen cultural and public relations with the UAE. He proposed organizing joint cultural activities to strengthen cultural ties between the two nations.

Highlighting the abundant investment opportunities in Sindh, Minister Shah suggested that both countries could benefit from increased exports of handicrafts.

Minister Shah also acknowledged the crucial role played by the late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, founder of the People’s Party, in the creation and unity of the United Arab Emirates.

In response, Consul General HE Bakheet Ateeq AlRemeithi underlined the important social, historical and cultural relations between the two friendly Islamic countries.

He stressed the need for further cooperation in the fields of tourism and culture to strengthen bilateral ties. Consul General AlRemeithi expressed his commitment to joint investment initiatives under public-private partnerships and assured that efforts would be made to facilitate issues such as tourist visas.

Moreover, Minister Shah and Consul General AlRemeithi celebrated the victory of Al-Ain Football Club by cutting a cake during the meeting.

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