Snow leopard is expecting its first cub at Utah’s Hogle Zoo

A snow leopard at Utah’s Hogle Zoo will welcome its first cub in just a few days.

Zoo officials announced Tuesday that their female leopard Babs is expecting her first cub in early June.

Babs arrived at Hogle Zoo in 2021 from the Toledo Zoo in Ohio.

She was paired with an 11-year-old snow leopard at Hogle Zoo named Chim and was closely monitored during their first breeding season.

Officials said in a news release that “first-time snow leopard mothers are not always successful, meaning there is a chance the cub may not survive this pregnancy or birth.”

“Under human care and in their natural habitat, new mothers across all species have a much steeper learning curve than experienced mothers,” said Clair Hallyburton, Associate Director of Animal Care at Hogle Zoo.

“We work with other AZA-accredited zoos to continually develop our knowledge and understanding of snow leopard pregnancies and births and to facilitate natural processes for the animals that reside here,” she continued. “Our animal care and health teams have been conducting voluntary ultrasounds with Babs, adjusting her diet, continuing training, scheduling night watches and monitoring camera systems to help prepare Babs and the zoo.”


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