Tyrese Haliburton’s Lacoste Fit For Celtics-Pacers Wants Tyler The Creator To Send Him His Own Outfits

Many NBA athletes are carving out a fruitful niche in the fashion world and now even the league is recognizing the most stylish player of the season. Indiana Pacers PG Tyrese Haliburton has repeatedly enjoyed exclusive merchandise and recently unreleased Louis Vuitton boots. While sitting out Game 3 of the ECF series against the Boston Celtics, he showed off an offense that echoed the Pacers’ yellow and white theme.

The trendsetter set the mood with a yellow Lacoste Cardigan with a white T-shirt underneath. Meanwhile, he had put on a nice pair of khaki pants and his round glasses added an excellent touch to the outfit. A message from Insta handle ‘competition matches’ showed Hali’s attacks from different angles and captioned: “still in team colors.”

This tight fit drew a response from rapper-cum-designer Tyler, the Creator, who is known for rolling out some of the most striking fits. He noted:

Tirese, I can just send you some stuff, man”.

The designer has donned several exclusive outfits and has a great reputation in fashion for his versatile taste. He does not adhere to any particular dress code and has often gone out of his way to make style statements. This is in line with Haliburton’s clothing choices, which can often deviate from the norm.

It should come as no surprise that he would want the Pacers guard to try out some of his exclusive collection. After all, Hali once said that the acclaimed trendsetter has a huge influence on his style quotient.

Tyrese Haliburton has a daring fashion sense

In 2020, Iowa State University held a Fashion within sports event and invited their alum Tyrese Haliburton as part of a five-person panel. During the interaction, he revealed that he has been conscious of the way he presents himself since his high school days.

The security guard confessed that he wants his outfits to stand out and if anyone else has a similar item of clothing, he doesn’t wear it anymore. The Pacers All-Star also praised Tyler, The Creator for helping him develop a more versatile fashion sense.

Regardless, his outfits have caused a stir countless times. Speaking to Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks, he casually defended his choices and stated that his Full Prada look went viral because it looked like he was suffocating around his waist due to a tightly laced belt.

Additionally, he noted that one of his outfits went viral because he looked like a “neo-soul artistbecause of his hat. While eccentricity is a common theme among Haliburton’s outfits, he has also worn some of the simplest outfits.

Designers love his fashion mentality for his ability to adapt and experiment. Undoubtedly, the top athlete is one of the best trendsetters in the competition.

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