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Info-Tech Research Group’s latest blueprint highlights the critical role of Smart Manufacturing 5.0 in modernizing manufacturing and offers key strategies for integrating advanced technologies and people-centered practices. The newly published research provides actionable insights to help manufacturers improve operational efficiency, improve product customization and ensure sustainable practices. By utilizing these strategies, organizations can effectively address challenges such as legacy systems integration and workforce skills development to ultimately achieve a competitive and technologically advanced manufacturing environment.



May 28, 2024

/PRNewswire/ – Global manufacturers are facing increasing demands for greater efficiency, customization and sustainability, making the integration of advanced technologies essential. The shift to Smart Manufacturing 5.0 addresses these challenges by combining the innovations of Industry 4.0 with a focus on people-centered, resilient and sustainable practices. While many organizations are still struggling to realize Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing 5.0 offers a more efficient approach to modernizing production, improving workforce skills and overcoming outdated system obstacles. The latest blueprint from Info-Tech Research Group,

Bring your factory to life with Smart Manufacturing 5.0

, provides a comprehensive guide for manufacturing leaders to navigate this evolution. This blueprint provides strategies to integrate advanced technologies and create a technologically advanced and competitive manufacturing environment.

Info-Tech Research Group's

Throughout the industry’s evolution from 1.0 to 4.0, we have seen major industry changes that have had a significant impact on the strategic decisions made by organizations.



Kevin Tukker

practice leader research consultancy at Info-Tech Research Group.

Most manufacturing organizations have now reached some level of implementation that includes Industry 4.0 technologies, with cloud services being the most widely adopted. Now that we are in the middle of the next evolution – Industry 5.0 and Smart Manufacturing 5.0 – integrating technology and people has become crucial.

Info-Tech’s research highlights how Smart Manufacturing 5.0 can revolutionize the manufacturing industry by integrating advanced technologies with human-centered practices. By leveraging AI, IoT and robotics, manufacturers can improve operational efficiency, improve product customization and ensure sustainable practices. The company’s blueprint provides a useful framework for implementing these technologies in a coherent manner, addressing challenges such as integration of existing systems, workforce skills development and data management. By embracing Smart Manufacturing 5.0, manufacturers can stay competitive, meet changing market demands and drive long-term growth.


must embrace Industry 4.0 tools and technologies and focus on Smart Manufacturing 5.0 if they hope to achieve exponential growth or protect their market share from competitors who do so,”

explains Tucker.

“More rapid adoption of Smart Manufacturing 5.0 and Industry 5.0 is expected than Industry 4.0 due to the widespread adoption of the integration of AI, ML, and people as an essential part of any successful business model that prioritizes sustainability, quality, efficiency, and the well-being of the employees.”

In the blueprint, the company emphasizes the crucial role of Smart Manufacturing 5.0 in modernizing manufacturing practices. By seamlessly integrating advanced technologies such as AI, IoT and robotics, manufacturers can achieve greater operational efficiency, improved product customization and sustainable practices. The research argues for a strategic approach, highlighting the importance of addressing the integration of existing systems, workforce skills development and data management. By implementing these strategies, manufacturers can respond more effectively to market demands, ultimately leading to improved competitiveness and long-term growth.

The goal of Smart Manufacturing 5.0 is to combine the best of Industry 4.0 with the features of Industry 5.0, creating solutions that are cyber-physical, mass customizable, collaborative, cognitive and environmentally friendly. Info-Tech’s blueprint outlines the following 12 key features of Industry 5.0, including people-centricity, resilience and sustainability, integrated with Smart Manufacturing 5.0 practices:

  1. Autonomous production:

    Using AI and robotics for self-working production systems.

  2. Focus on customer experience:

    Customer satisfaction and involvement are paramount.

  3. Personalization functions and processes:

    Adjusting production processes to meet individual needs.

  4. Responsive Supply Chain:

    Quickly adapt supply chains to market demand.

  5. Resilience to adapt to market shifts:

    Building systems that can withstand and adapt to change.

  6. Creating a sustainable, healthy environment:

    Reducing environmental impact through sustainable practices.

  7. Demonstration of exceptional value to society:

    Contribute positively to social well-being.

  8. Quality in craftsmanship:

    Ensuring high standards in product creation


  9. People-oriented, both internally and with customers:

    Focused on the well-being and involvement of employees and customers.

  10. Safe collaborative and cognitive robotics:

    Using robots that communicate and collaborate safely with people.

  11. Dynamic and transparent customization:

    Providing tailor-made solutions with clear communication.

  12. Interactive decision making:

    Involve stakeholders in the decision-making process.

Info-Tech advises that achieving Smart Manufacturing 5.0 requires more than just integrating advanced technologies; it requires a strategic transformation of production practices. By implementing these strategies, manufacturers can achieve greater efficiency, improve product quality and promote sustainable business operations. This forward-thinking approach enables manufacturers to meet current market demands and adapt effectively to future challenges. Investing in Smart Manufacturing 5.0 and following this structured framework and principles will ensure that manufacturers can deliver innovative, high-quality products while maintaining a strong competitive edge in the dynamic industrial landscape.

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Bring your factory to life with Smart Manufacturing 5.0



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