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Mr. Blake Martin is a multi-faceted professional in the fashion and entertainment industry. With nearly twenty years of experience, he has made a remarkable impact as a fashion show producer, modeling coach, playwright, director and best-selling author. His primary focus is on high-end fashion and editorial photography.

Mr. Blake Martin

Mr. Blake Martin – Agency filed

Blake Martin’s work came to my broader attention through Ta’Rhonda Jones when one of his images was provided for use by the Oprah Winfrey Network as the image in an interview article for her relationship series on OWN called “The Never Ever Mets.” We also featured the dynamic photo as the inset image of The Hype Magazine Digital Cover Issue #141.

Meet Ta'Rhonda Jones Host of "The Never Mets" Relationship series on OWN

Ta’Rhonda Jones (host of The Never Ever Mets on OWN) – Photo by @MrBlakeMartin

The digital issue of Hype Magazine #141 – Cover design by @HypeJustJay

Early career and fashion show production

Blake’s career in fashion show production began in 2006 with an internship at Baby Phat Fashions. In 2007, he founded his own production company, FROW Media Group (formerly Blake Martin Productions), marking the start of a prolific career. Blake has produced and curated more than 300 fashion shows in major fashion centers such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Paris, and completed a 40-city tour of China. His portfolio includes collaborations with brands such as Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, Adidas and Nike. In 2018, his work earned him the Fashion Producer of the Year award in New York City.

Mr. Blake Martin

Mr. Blake Martin – Agency filed

Transition to photography

In 2021, Blake expanded his creative work to include high-end fashion and editorial photography. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, he quickly rose to prominence. Blake became the first Chicago photographer to have his work appear on a billboard in Times Square. His visuals have appeared twice in American Vogue and on the cover of Vogue Japan. His portfolio includes high-profile clients such as media legend Rickey Smiley, rap icon Shawnna, Destiny’s Child’s Latavia Roberson, members of B2K, Grammy-winning gospel artist Donald Lawrence, OWN’s TaRhonda Jay, the cast of Showtime’s ‘The Chi’ and rapper DaBaby.

Achievements and influence

Blake’s influence extends beyond photography and fashion production. In 2023 he published his memoirs: “Collect luggage“, what a Amazon bestsellerreaches #7 in the self-help genre. The memoir details his experiences as a child of incarcerated parents, surviving rape and sex trafficking, overcoming addiction and eventually building a successful production company in Chicago.

Blake’s early career also included work as a backup dancer, which opened the doors of the fashion industry. Before he turned 18, he appeared in commercials for major brands like Gap and Gatorade. His educational background includes studies at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina, and a one-year entrepreneurial program at Harvard University, where he is an alumnus.

Personal journey and future goals

As Blake embarks on a new round of press tours, his goal is to expand his brand and inspire Black men to overcome mental illness. His story of resilience and triumph continues to motivate and influence people within and beyond the fashion industry.

Mr. Blake Martin

Mr. Blake Martin – Agency filed

Beyond the lens

Blake Martin’s journey from intern to celebrated photographer and producer showcases his talent, determination and resilience. His work contains stunning images and tells a powerful story about overcoming adversity. As he continues to innovate in the fashion and entertainment industries, Blake Martin inspires aspiring creatives and those facing personal challenges. You can find several clips of him teaching classes full of models ins and outs about developing their portfolios, booking photographers and what to expect. Blake goes beyond what they should look like, teaching them the basics of business, protecting their image and brand, and the nuances of working with photographers from different angles.

Blake Martin’s contributions to fashion and photography are significant. His work continues to influence the industry today, from producing major fashion shows to acquiring high-profile clients. Stay tuned as Blake continues to inspire and push the boundaries of creativity and resilience.

Website: Instagram: @MrBlakeMartin

Blake’s IG is always jumping so if you like, bookmark this page to follow his updates as they happen below!

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