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Trista Sutter Missing Reality TV Stars Filming Special Forces?

Trista Sutter, known as the first Bachelorette, and her husband Ryan Sutter were recently in the spotlight amid speculation that Trista was filming the reality TV show ‘Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test’ season 3. This rumor gained traction after Ryan posted a heartfelt and somewhat cryptic message on Instagram, expressing his admiration for Trista and noting her absence. Trista has since returned to social media with a post from Hawaii showing her happy and healthy.

Ryan’s posts, combined with Trista’s sudden silence on social media, led fans and other reality TV stars to speculate about her involvement in the demanding show. Ashley Iaconetti, another Bachelor Nation alum, discussed this theory on her podcast, noting that Trista would be a great fit for “Special Forces” because of her resilience and determination.

Instagram Missing Reality TV Stars Film Season 3 of Special Forces

Other celebrities who have gone dark on social media around the same time include Brody Jenner and Ali Fedotowsky. Ali, known for season 6 of ‘The Bachelorette’, shared a tearful farewell post on Instagram, suggesting she would be offline for a while and sparking rumors that she too would be joining the cast. Additionally, Disney actress Christy Carlson Romano is another name speculated to be part of the show as she announced a temporary hiatus on social media for a “brutal intensive” project. Brody Jenner appears to be wrapping up filming soon and will appear during Grand Prix weekend in Montreal next weekend.

Special Forces season 3 cast 2024

“Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test” challenges celebrities to undergo grueling military-style training and exercises that push them to their limits. The show has had high-profile contestants before, and anticipation for the third season is building as fans wait for confirmation of the rumored cast.

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