923,000 tourists in 2023

Hill calls on the government to continue investing in tourism Subheading: 923,000 tourists in 2023

About 923,000 tourists arrived in the country last year, and Tourism Fiji hopes this number will increase by 2024. However, CEO Brent Hill says Fiji needs more investment in the tourism sector to keep that momentum going.

Hill says tourist arrivals in April saw a 0.4 percent increase on last year, and they are preparing for peak periods in the coming months.

He says April’s figure represents another $276 million that has flowed into the economy.

The CEO added that they also met with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Professor Biman Prasad, and called on him to continue investing in tourism.

Hill says they are also working to increase the number of tourists from Australia, as 45 percent of total tourist arrivals come from Australia.

He adds that they also see a very competitive landscape ahead, and they hope that the government will continue to invest in tourism.

The CEO says the tourism sector is important because it generates investment and employment for locals.

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