Trump silences money trial closing arguments

6:52 PM ET, May 28, 2024

Biden could potentially make comments following a statement from Trump, but logistics create uncertainty

By Kayla Tausche and Kevin Liptak

After a relative vow of silence on his predecessor’s legal affairs, President Joe Biden may choose to address his predecessor’s trial after the jury reaches a verdict in the case — with three aides acknowledging the uncertainty in the timing of the jury’s decision complicates any planning.

Biden will spend much of the next two weeks on the road: On Tuesday, he will headline a campaign event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, before traveling to Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, to remember his son Beau Biden, who died of brain cancer nine years ago.

On Friday, Biden will hold a bilateral meeting with the Belgian prime minister to discuss plans to use Russian assets in Western banks to continue financing Ukraine’s defense. The lion’s share of that money is in the hands of Belgium, which has reservations about the precedent such a measure would set.

Later Friday, Biden will welcome the Kansas City Chiefs to the White House to celebrate the team’s second consecutive Super Bowl victory in an event that is typically light-hearted.

If jury deliberations take place next week, there’s a chance Biden could be on his way to France; he leaves on June 4 for a few days to commemorate the anniversary of D-Day and to be celebrated with a state dinner. During that time, Biden’s son Hunter will stand trial on charges that he made false statements on a form to purchase a firearm at a time when he has said he was addicted to drugs.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declined to say Tuesday whether Biden would rule in Trump’s trial or provide insight into how the president would monitor his son’s trial.

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