Burger King is joining the fast food value wars with its $5 “Your Way Meal.”

The wars over the value of fast food are heating up as diners are fed up with high drive-through prices.

Burger King confirmed to that it will once again be releasing a $5 meal in hopes of attracting money-conscious customers. The Royal fast food restaurant is the latest in a long line of national chains to announce cheaper meals as they report lower traffic and declines in profits.

“Burger King is accelerating its value offerings after leading the value movement for three-quarters of the industry,” a Burger King spokesperson told “We are bringing back our $5 Your Way Meal as agreed with our franchisees in April.”

The move was first reported by Bloomberg, which obtained a memo from Burger King discussing the deal. According to the report, the value meal would consist of a choice of three nugget sandwiches, fries and a drink.

Additionally, Burger King plans to relaunch the meal before McDonald’s drops its own similar deal in June. CNBC reported in May that McDonald’s USA would introduce a $5 meal for a month on June 25. Customers can choose between a McChicken and a McDouble, which comes with a four-piece of McNuggets, fries and a drink.

Unlike the Golden Arches, Burger King plans to offer its meal “for several months,” according to the memo signed by Tom Curtis, president of Burger King, U.S. and Canada.

Burger King previously offered $5 Duo deals, where you could choose two items from a selection of BK Royal Crispy Wrap flavors and/or a Whopper Jr.

The chain’s latest announcement comes as drive-through fans express their dismay over expensive fast food, and chains like KFC and Starbucks report declining sales.

People are posting about eye-watering fast food prices on TikTok, X and beyond. Viral complaints about the cost of $17 for two Filet O’ Fish sandwiches and $3 for a single hash brown show have driven these customers away. Now restaurants are finally listening, from Buffalo Wild Wings to Wendy’s, Pizza Hut and more.

Quick-service restaurants are also joining the value war. In April, Denny’s announced the return of its low-priced All-Day Dinner Deals starting at $5.99, while Applebee’s and Chili’s also have their own cheap deals.

John Peyton, CEO of Dine Brands (the parent company of Applebee’s and IHOP), also told that his company has been looking at consumer spending habits and is preparing for a shift toward more value-oriented purchasing.

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