Victim slams Miami-Dade prosecutors after abuser dodges sex offender registry – NBC 6 South Florida

With tears streaming down her face, surrounded by family and her voice shaking, 36-year-old Keisha Etienne stood before a Miami-Dade judge to urge the court to reject a settlement offered to her abuser. accept.

“Instead of love, affection and support, I was confronted with lies, manipulation, grooming, abuse and rape,” Etienne said during the hearing on Tuesday.

Ninety-year-old Albert Bassett was charged in 2019 with three counts of sexual assault and four counts of child abuse.

Albert Bassett

Four years later, however, he accepted a plea deal offered by prosecutors. In exchange for his guilty plea to the child abuse charges, the sexual abuse charges would be dismissed.

Bassett was sentenced to ten years’ probation, with the possibility of early termination.

The deal does not require him to register as a sex offender.

Etienne went to the hearing on Tuesday hoping that Judge Alberto Millian would deny the deal because her abuser would not have to register as an offender.

“The man my father should and promised to be has abandoned me. The Public Prosecution Service has failed me and you are my last hope for justice – please don’t fail me,” Etienne said.

Bassett declined to comment after his hearing.

“He accepts responsibility for the allegations that amount to child abuse, not sexual abuse – and at this time he is trying to move on with his life,” his lawyer Sabrina Puglisi said.

In response to the victim’s allegations that the prosecution had failed her, a spokesperson sent NBC6 a document stating that the victim and the defendant had an ongoing emotional and financial relationship until 2019, when charges were filed.

Prosecutors said the defendant supported the victim through school, financed vehicles and arranged vacations for her.

State attorneys also argue that Bassett’s attorneys requested the deal to avoid sex offender registration because the 90-year-old would face the unintended consequence of moving from his hometown.

“The reason this is important is because of the suspect’s advanced age (90 years old), his poor physical health and the poor physical health of his wife,” the prosecutor’s note said.

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