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Sunday’s Sentinel published two letters to the editor criticizing student protests in Gaza: one drawing attention to the remaining “128 hostages kidnapped by Hamas.”

The second asks: “Where is the outrage over… other atrocities?”

In response to the question about hostages: “Thousands of Palestinians are being held without charge under Israeli detention.” (NPR, 12/1/23) Aren’t these thousands hostages?

Why are student camps putting Gaza in the spotlight? Our government supplies weapons for what is increasingly being called genocide!
In addition to the annual military budget of $3 billion to $4 billion, The Times of Israel reports (5/26/24): “The United States has approved and supplied more than 100 arms sales to Israel,” bypassing Congressional approval. And: “House approves $17 billion in military aid for Israel.”
American weapons have killed more than 35,000 people – an average of one child killed and two injured every 10 minutes. Among the dead: 224 aid workers, 484 health workers, 84 journalists. Injured 75,815; 1.7 million displaced persons (70% of the population).

Damaged/destroyed 55.9% of buildings, 90% of schools, 230 mosques/churches, 24 hospitals.

Two million Gazans now face full-blown famine.

As in the confrontation with apartheid in Vietnam and South Africa, students demand justice and are attacked.

– Sheila Carrillo, Santa Cruz

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