All eyes on Rafah: Bollywood breaks silence on Palestine amid Blockout 24

Indian celebrities use their IG stories to condemn the Israeli bombing

Chilling images of bloodied Palestinian children and families laden with all their worldly possessions fleeing impending doom are percolating across the world, and now Bollywood actors have joined the ranks of celebrities raising their voices to condemn the atrocities in Rafah to condemn.

After an Israeli airstrike caused a fire that killed 45 displaced Palestinians in what was supposed to be a safe zone, global outrage over Israeli atrocities has skyrocketed, this time with previously silent celebrities taking up the mantle.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Bollywood actor Sonam Kapoor, who had previously spoken out about Palestine, registered her protest by posting the now viral image of refugee tents arranged to spell ‘All Eyes on Rafah’. According to NBC Newsthe image has been shared more than 29 million times on Instagram in less than 24 hours, underscoring a renewed push on social media to once again condemn the humanitarian crisis.

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