Received money from woman through PhonePe, account frozen by Mumbai police soon after; shop owner with complaint – KERALA – CRIME

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ALAPPUZHA: A shop owner’s bank account was reportedly frozen by the police after he received money from a customer through PhonePe. It was the Mumbai Police who froze the bank account of PS Sindhu, a native of Alappuzha Thalavady. Sindhu’s account was frozen after she received money from a woman from Thalavady through PhonePe.

On April 24, the woman paid Rs 1,000 to Sindhu through PhonePe after purchasing some items from her shop. Sindhu has a bank account with the Thalavady branch of a private bank. On May 2, Sindhu received the first message from the bank. The notice stated that she could not withdraw Rs 1,000 received through PhonePe. On May 6, she received another reminder from the bank. When Sindhu approached the bank along with the woman who had paid her the money, she was told that the woman’s bank account had been frozen by the police.

On May 22, Sindhu received another message from the bank informing her that her account had also been completely frozen. Bank authorities said the account was frozen as per instructions from Mumbai Police.

The husband of the woman who paid money to Sindhu through PhonePe works abroad. It was the money sent by the woman’s husband and sent to Sindhu’s account through PhonePe. The woman had also paid money to an electricity shop in Edathua through PhonePe. According to sources, this retailer’s account was also frozen by the banking authorities.

Sindhu has filed a complaint with the Edathua police about the freezing of her account. Since this is the first time that Edathua police are handling such a case, Sindhu has been directed to file a complaint with the district police chief.

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