Golden Moon Distillery closes

The Golden Moon Distillery in Colorado has ceased operations after a suitable buyer could not be found for the company.

Golden MoonGolden Moon
Golden Moon Distillery produces whisky, gin and absinthe

In late 2023, Golden Moon Distillery owner Stephen Gould revealed he was seeking a buyer for part or all of his business. The company was put up for sale after being “negatively impacted” by challenges in recent years, including the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and political issues.

Gould said these issues affected the company’s “ability to raise the resources necessary to continue our business plan in the current economic environment.”

Golden Moon is now out of money after a potential buyer who found it was unable to invest.

He said: “This is all very sad. Until a few weeks ago, we thought we had a buyer/investor who would have enabled the company to continue to grow and prosper, but unfortunately they were unable to deliver on the investment and resources promised. As such, the company is now out of money and time and we have no alternative.

“We will keep Golden Moon Speakeasy operational in the short term while we look at ways to keep that part of the business intact, likely with a new owner. Assuming the bank allows us to.

“We appreciate all the support we have received over the years.”

Founded in 2008, Golden Moon Distillery produces the Golden Moon brand, Redux Absinthe, Gun Fighter American whiskey and the Olde Blackhawk Spirits brand.

Live Oak Bank will liquidate the company’s assets in the near future.

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