China’s ‘brightest scientist’ is unimpressed by the new virality

He looks like a famous actor.

A Chinese scientist is going viral for his breathtaking photos from his youth.

Wang Demin is a petroleum scientist from the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Although he is currently 87 years old, he is only now becoming known for his visuals.

Wang Demin in his youth

He went viral on Chinese social media sites for resembling the famous Hong Kong-American actor Daniel Wu who has starred in films like To the Badlands And American-born Chinese. They apparently could have passed for the same person in different generations because of their rugged appearance.


Wang was unimpressed when he heard about his new reputation. He considered himself ‘just a technical man’ and preferred to talk about less frivolous matters.

I’m just a tech guy doing oil research. Let’s talk more about science.

Wang Demin

However, he admitted that he had many admirers when he was younger. Unfortunately for them, he viewed everyone as a distraction from his work. He worked twelve hours a day, seven days a week for decades.

(They were) unbearable distractions.

Wang Demin


Several netizens spoke about the attention Wang is currently receiving, saying that he should be known for his achievements in his field, and not for something superficial like his appearance.

  • “Good looks are the least remarkable of his virtues”
  • “His intellectual depth is more remarkable. Let us praise his scientific contributions instead of focusing on his appearance.”

Among many other achievements, Wang proposed a formula for calculating geological pressure, the “Songliao method”, and invented the eccentrically displaced injection method, which was used to make the Daqing oil field one of the largest in China .

He is considered a treasure in the local scientific community, with the media calling his contributions to the petroleum field “groundbreaking and cutting-edge.”

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