Campbell Soup moves production sites for Pacific Foods, kettle chips


CAMDEN – Campbell Soup Co. has announced plans to cut 415 jobs at two manufacturing plants in a bid to improve the efficiency of its production and distribution network.

But the Camden company also announced plans Tuesday to spend $230 million to upgrade three other manufacturing sites.

According to the report, approximately 212 jobs should be created.

“We recognize that this is difficult news for our teams” at the factories facing cuts, said Dan Poland, Campbell’s chief supply chain officer.

“Any action that impacts our people is taken with careful consideration and we are committed to providing support and assistance throughout these changes,” he said.

Campbell will close a 330-employee plant in Oregon that makes soup, broth and plant-based drinks for the Pacific Foods brand.

It will also move boiler chip production to a plant in Indiana, eliminating about 85 of the 230 jobs there.

Campbell said it is “closing inefficient sites and shifting production to more modern and effective factories.”

The company also plans to rely more on contract manufacturers to make its products.

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A phased closure of the Campbell plant in Tualatin, Oregon, is scheduled to be completed by July 2026. In the first phase, 120 employees will be furloughed in August.

Campbell acquired the plant – a complex of leased buildings spanning approximately 250,000 square feet – with its purchase of Pacific Foods in 2017.

“The aging facilities and inefficient nature of the site configuration can no longer support increased consumer demand and continued business growth,” Campbell said.

Campbell said it will move Pacific’s soup and broth lines to other facilities in its network. It will shift production of plant-based drinks to other manufacturers.

Kettle chip production will move from a plant in Jeffersonville, Indiana, where tortilla chips will be made in late July.

Campbell also said it will increase capital investments through the end of 2026 to create “newer, more flexible facilities.”

That includes $150 million to make more soup at a plant in Maxton, North Carolina, which will also take over some of the kettle chip production from the Indiana plant.

Campbell is also spending $72 million to expand boiler chip production at a plant in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

It plans to spend $8 million to make more tortilla chips at a plant in Franklin, Wisconsin.

The investments, to be completed by the end of 2026, are expected to create approximately 100 jobs in Maxton, 72 jobs in Hanover and 40 jobs in Franklin.

Campbell is currently expanding a facility in Richmond, Utah, that makes Goldfish crackers. That $160 million project, which should be completed by the end of the year, is expected to add about 80 jobs.

Jim Walsh is a senior reporter at the Courier-Post, Burlington County Times and The Daily Journal. Email: [email protected].

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