‘Dance Moms’ star Kelly Hyland reveals breast cancer diagnosis

Reality TV star Kelly Hyland of Lifetime’s “Dance Moms” has been diagnosed with breast cancer, she shared on Instagram on Wednesday.

Hyland first confirmed the diagnosis to E! News, adding that she knew something was wrong when she kept receiving compliments about her weight loss. She had made no changes to her regimen, she said.

“I booked myself a mammogram,” the 53-year-old told E! News. “I had just had one done eight months earlier and the results came back clean. However, this new mammogram and ultrasound scan did not, it came back showing a mass.”

The newspaper added that doctors diagnosed her with stage 1, grade 3 invasive carcinoma and that her breast cancer was “progressing very rapidly.”

The mother of three shared the news with her children, Brooke, Paige and Josh, during a four-way chat, E! reported.

Her daughter Paige told E! Hearing her mother’s diagnosis took her back to her grandmother’s battle with cancer. Kelly’s mother passed away in 2019, Paige shared.

“So I understood the long road we had ahead of us and it hurt me to imagine my mother going through the same feeling,” Paige said.

Hyland’s son Josh said he was “speechless and scared” when his mother told him about the diagnosis, but he is hopeful she is doing well.

“I feel like she’s catching on quickly,” Josh told E! News. “I know my mother is strong enough to get through this.”

Known for her appearance on the reality TV show “Dance Moms,” Hyland recently took part in the franchise’s latest installment, “Dance Moms: The Reunion.” Hyland and her fellow castmates also talked about what life has been like since the show first aired. The show premiered on May 1 on the Lifetime channel.

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Amid Hyland’s recent diagnosis and Instagram post, castmates and family members took to the comments to support her. Christi Lukasiak, also of “Dance Moms,” was one of Hyland’s supporters.

“I love you and the kids,” Lukasiak wrote. “Has your back forever.”

Hyland’s daughter Brooke also commented.

“My strong mommy,” she posted with a heart emoji.

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