Panda Express introduces ‘hot’ new variant on classic menu item

Just when you thought the food at Panda Express couldn’t get any better, they’ve added a brand new menu item!

According to a press release, the chain’s new “Hot Orange Chicken” pays tribute to a classic but offers a spicy twist. Complete with a whopping “6 scoops of crushed chili and a ladleful of dried chili,” the fiery new dish is now available at select locations across the US.

While the entire nature of this new dish remains unique to most customers, Panda Express superfans may be able to spot a similarity. Although Hot Orange Chicken had almost all of the same ingredients as The Original Orange Chicken, there is one addition that brings it closer to a different menu item.

The chili peppers used to make the Hot Orange Chicken… well… hot… are also used in Panda’s Kung Pao Chicken dish! The popular fast food chain shared a video tutorial on Instagram showing one of their chefs preparing the delicious new dish.

“The first thing I would do is add our chillies from our Kung Pao Chicken. Nice big red chillies that get nice and warm in the wok. Normally our orange chicken recipe includes a teaspoon of ground chilli, but we’re going to amp it up today with add six.”

The chef concludes with a detailed description of exactly how the Hot Orange Chicken is made, describing the dish as “sweet”, “spicy” and “spicy”, all in one!

So what are you waiting for?

Hot Orange Chicken is available at participating Panda Express locations nationwide through June 23 “or while supplies last.”

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