Jeep driver saves Saginaw business from fire

Can we please applaud the Jeep driver who pulled a burning dumpster off a building and prevented a Saginaw business from catching fire?

Watch the short video below and it will all make sense.

What are the details?

The dumpster fire happened on Tuesday (May 28) outside the Volunteers of America Thrift Store on Bay Road, just north of Tittabawassee Road in Saginaw.

Sarah, the store’s assistant manager, posted the video to the Breaking News 989 Facebook page, a community page in the Saginaw area.

Before the camera started rolling, the driver of a Jeep saw the fire in the dumpster and realized what could happen. He or she then attached a chain to the dumpster and the front of the vehicle and pulled it away from the building.

Thank you thank you

Sarah expressed her gratitude and shared appreciation on behalf of the thrift store staff, hoping that the Good Samaritan would come forward.

“You don’t know how grateful we are for your quick response and courage. We appreciate you fully. Please come to our store or contact me or the store manager personally. We appreciate you sir and could not reach you before you left Thank you a million times!!!”

A few hours later, an update to the Facebook post indicated that the driver of the black Jeep had been located so staff could personally thank them for their service.

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