Bobcat escapes from the Washington Park Zoo in Michigan City, Indiana; 9-month-old Grace, about the size of a large house cat

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. (WLS) — Officials said a 9-month-old bobcat escaped from her enclosure at the Washington Park Zoo in Michigan City on Wednesday.

The bobcat, named Grace, is about the size of a large house cat, zoo director Jamie Huss said. She and her sister Hazel arrived at the zoo in December and have been housed since April in a habitat designed for bobcats.

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Huss asked anyone who sees Grace not to attempt to capture her, but instead to call the Michigan City Police Department’s non-emergency line at 219-874-3221.

“Her prey ranges from chipmunks to rabbits and smaller. We are concerned for her safety and have continued to set traps and cameras in hopes of a sighting and recapture,” Huss said.

Zoo officials have not yet determined how Grace escaped her enclosure; her sister has been moved to another building for safekeeping. Bobcats are native to Northwest Indiana.

Huss said that because of her age and size, Grace is not considered a threat to people or most animals as long as she is left alone. Bobcats are most active from dusk to night.

Michigan City Animal Control and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources are also aware of the situation and ready to assist, but the public is asked to call police as those phones are monitored 24 hours a day.

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