Illegal alien wanted for murder abroad arrested in Texas: report

A fugitive murder suspect believed to be living in the US illegally was recently apprehended near Houston, Texas.

Leo Acosta Sanchez, a 21-year-old Mexican national, has apparently been on the radar of local and federal law enforcement for some time. An ICE statement said she entered the U.S. “as a non-immigrant” last August and has since reportedly been shuttling between Splendora, Texas, and Terrenos, a controversial land project known as Colony Ridge, which closed last year. has been used more and more over the years. attracted many illegal immigrant buyers due to its lax lending policies.

“She remains in ICE custody pending the resolution of her immigration proceedings.”

Sanchez is also wanted for murder by Interpol, an international law enforcement organization, but where and when the alleged murder took place has not been reported.

On Friday, City Police Department officers spotted Splendora Sanchez “behind the wheel of a vehicle” during “routine traffic patrol,” according to a police news release. The officers immediately called for reinforcements. When that backup arrived, they conducted a traffic stop on the suspect, who was subsequently arrested.

Sanchez was taken into custody “in a joint effort with the Department of Homeland Security” and is now facing “charges related to the alleged crimes committed,” according to the police press release, which also lists Sanchez as a “dangerous individual ‘ was described.

The statement from Splendora PD did not clarify whether Sanchez is wanted in connection with crimes committed in the US, but ICE indicated she has “violated the terms of her admission” since entering the country last year.

“She remains in ICE custody pending the resolution of her immigration proceedings,” the ICE statement said.

The police press release suggested that the suspect is married and referred to her as “Mrs. Sanchez” (emphasis added). Whether she is married and, if so, whether her husband is a U.S. citizen are both unclear.

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