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A Los Angeles County Fire Department lifeguard has filed a lawsuit alleging that the county’s policy requiring him to fly the Pride Flag constitutes religious discrimination, according to court documents obtained today.

Capt. Jeffrey Little, who describes himself as a devout evangelical Christian who has worked for Los Angeles County for more than 22 years, said in the lawsuit that he took down three Pride Flags at his workplace in Pacific Palisades last June in support of LGBTQ residents because he did not want to work ‘in these circumstances’.

Last year, the county Board of Supervisors voted to require many government buildings — including the facilities where Little worked at Will Rogers Beach, home to an LGBTQ-friendly department known as Ginger Rogers Beach — to close the entire month of June Flying the Progress Pride flag. Pride month.

“The views commonly associated with the Progress Pride Flag on marriage, sex and family are in direct conflict with Captain Little’s bona fide and sincerely held religious beliefs on the same topics,” according to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles federal court . “His bona fide and sincere religious beliefs require him to reject those views.”

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