FAU students are struggling to find on-campus housing due to the increase in applications

In April, CBS12 News talked about the record number of applications Florida Atlantic University (FAU) received, but what does that mean for housing as the student population increases?

The campus is already facing a housing crisis and there is not enough space for current students.

In a statement released to CBS12 News in April, FAU told us it is working to build more student housing:

“We are in the process of seeking approval to build more university housing. This is a complex permitting and construction process, and will not be completed until fall 2026 at the earliest.”

For many students, like Brady Bloom, that’s not fast enough.

Entering his senior year at FAU, Brady says the school has been everything he wanted and he is excited about the future.

“I’m hoping to become a teacher and they’re going to put me in a school in St. Lucie County in August,” Brady said.

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But preparing for his senior year was a challenge because of housing.

“We were told that my housing contract would not be renewed because I am a senior going into senior year, and that it would have to be placed on a waiting list,” Brady said. “We have attempted to contact the housing department to resolve this as we were told last year this would not be a problem.”

He was placed on the waiting list for on-campus housing at 1,100 spots.

Brady has a housing plan, and despite the housing issues the university is experiencing, they have made the right accommodations for him to live on campus.

In April, the university announced that it had received a record number of applications, almost 30 percent more than years before.

According to Maura Flaschner, FAU’s executive director of undergraduate admissions, this increase is causing the student population to grow.

“We set a goal to increase the number of students we enroll based on so many different factors, including our facilities, our faculty and our classes,” Flaschner said.

However, the housing supply on campus is not growing at the same pace.

Brady’s mother Melissa tells CBS12 News that even with her son’s housing plan, the university says they won’t let him stay in the dorms.

“They say they will only house you if you get a place to live. So, you know, that’s very difficult as a parent because then you have to look for a house or apartment off campus, which is very expensive. And for many people that is not affordable,” says Melissa.

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According to Melissa, the university partners with three different apartment complexes to offer student housing, but they are all significantly more expensive than the dorms and involve a monthly rent instead of paying with your tuition.

“It’s furnished, but they cost anywhere from $1,500 to $1,800-$1,900 a month for one student. and that’s every bedroom in the apartment paying for that and that’s a lot,” Melissa said.

Brady isn’t alone: ​​hundreds of students are dealing with the same problem.

“There are a lot of students in my position who I was told had to leave school because they don’t have a place to stay and it’s a very expensive area,” Bloom said. “College is where you make friends and discover what you want to do in life.”

Fortunately for the Bloom family, Brady has scholarships that can help them cover the extra costs, but these apartments cost almost double the price of living on campus, which isn’t realistic for many students.

Although the university cannot do anything for the Bloom family at this time, Brady said he hopes the university will help students in the future by providing a place to live for anyone who wants housing.

CBS12 News reached out to FAU about the housing issue, but they were not available to speak with us.

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